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1237 Insufficient support. (Support | Oppose) Anti-DT Alliance flagged Cryptotourist (type 3, see why). Supported by Virsec, Anti-DT Alliance, Bitcoin Cash, Opposed by owlcatz, LFC_Bitcoin, examplens, nutildah, DireWolfM14, JSRAW, dragonvslinux, Lauda, Timelord2067, pawel7777, psycodad, blurryeyed, nullius.

60 Active. (Support | Oppose) yogg flagged Bitcoin SV (type 1, see why). Supported by gmaxwell, Foxpup, malevolent, qwk, DooMAD, babo, LFC_Bitcoin, DaveF, ETFbitcoin, franckuestein, yogg, bones261, nutildah, P_Shep, bL4nkcode, Hhampuz, bob123, HairyMaclairy, El duderino_, xtraelv, CryptopreneurBrainboss, mikeywith, DireWolfM14, dragonvslinux, Lauda, Hueristic, NeuroticFish, mindrust, bitcoinPsycho, levyashin, mosprognoz, Iamtutut, blurryeyed, Cryptotourist, SooEz4Me, GeoRW, shinohai, korner. Opposed by jbreher, Quickseller, MirkoIta, sirsplashalot, KNA84, Do_zzze, jamespastagueule, human8ty, ReD_Yaka_MoZ_, -.xXx.-, Mountain_Crew, BOoOBa, Bitcoin SV (BSV), SeamSeam.
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