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9 Active. (Withdrawn!) 4kWvW6ZV flagged ky94PjDw (type 2, see why). Supported by theymos, EFS, mocacinno, sapta, yogg, nutildah, Lafu, Pamoldar, HCP, chimk, iasenko, DdmrDdmr, madnessteat, abhiseshakana, alanst, deadley, Quickseller, CjMapope, eaLiTy, Pffrt, bozo333, VyachikO, lighpulsar07_alt, okdevin. Opposed by suchmoon, dbshck, redsn0w, mindrust, Hhampuz, MaoChao, asu, Steamtyme, mikeywith, TradeFortress 🏕, khaled0111, Tytanowy Janusz, lighpulsar07, Upgrade00, Bitlover10, ky94PjDw.
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