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279 Active. smyslov flagged stellar_shark (type 1, see why). Supported by examplens, DarkStar_, bob123, micgoossens, morvillz7z, magneto, smyslov, rhomelmabini. Opposed by nobody.

290 Active. witcher_sense flagged bitconnect-2 (type 1, see why). Supported by nutildah, marlboroza, bob123, MaoChao, witcher_sense, madnessteat, Coolcryptovator, smyslov. Opposed by nobody.

879 Active. morvillz7z flagged ethaget (type 1, see why). Supported by examplens, tvplus006, CryptopreneurBrainboss, dkbit98, morvillz7z, TalkStar, Text, smyslov. Opposed by nobody.