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957 Active. (Support | Oppose) Lauda flagged H055Y (type 1, see why). Supported by Foxpup, examplens, TheUltraElite, Lauda, IconFirm, smyslov, mosprognoz, blurryeyed, c5yal8r. Opposed by H055Y.

910 Active. (Support | Oppose) morvillz7z flagged Bituary Exchange (type 1, see why). Supported by suchmoon, examplens, nutildah, bL4nkcode, JollyGood, TheBeardedBaby, Coolcryptovator, dkbit98, morvillz7z, IconFirm, smyslov, mosprognoz, fratoshi, ritaconscience. Opposed by Bituary Exchange.

879 Active. (Support | Oppose) morvillz7z flagged ethaget (type 1, see why). Supported by examplens, tvplus006, CryptopreneurBrainboss, dkbit98, morvillz7z, TalkStar, Text, smyslov, dee_ddy. Opposed by nobody.

456 Active. (Support | Oppose) LFC_Bitcoin flagged Freewallet (type 1, see why). Supported by malevolent, gentlemand, suchmoon, owlcatz, LFC_Bitcoin, allyouracid, ETFbitcoin, mocacinno, LoyceV, examplens, bitbollo, bones261, redsn0w, actmyname, DeathAngel, Slow death, marlboroza, bL4nkcode, BitcoinGirl.Club, AdolfinWolf, TryNinja, bob123, Murat, El duderino_, sheenshane, DroomieChikito, o_e_l_e_o, TheBeardedBaby, witcher_sense, rosezionjohn, GreatArkansas, cabalism13, Coolcryptovator, DireWolfM14, 1miau, JSRAW, JeromeTash, TalkStar, Harkorede, logfiles, Bitcoin_Arena, Timelord2067, mindrust, joksim299, Patatas, hulla, Joel_Jantsen, IconFirm, Zicadis, smyslov, cissrawk, ChuckBuck, LogitechMouse, Bttzed03, bitmover, hacker1001101001, CucakRowo, Aveatrex, rhomelmabini, blurryeyed, r34tr783tr78, Zwei, ScamViruS, fratoshi, elmanchez, Xandrah, shinohai, Jawhead999, trapcoder666, d.kevin29, lighpulsar07_alt, Mauser 98, YourNeko, hellomlove. Opposed by nobody.

290 Active. (Support | Oppose) witcher_sense flagged bitconnect-2 (type 1, see why). Supported by nutildah, marlboroza, bob123, MaoChao, witcher_sense, madnessteat, Coolcryptovator, smyslov. Opposed by nobody.

279 Active. (Support | Oppose) smyslov flagged stellar_shark (type 1, see why). Supported by examplens, DarkStar_, bob123, El duderino_, morvillz7z, magneto, smyslov, rhomelmabini. Opposed by nobody.